IPL Live Scores 2019 : How to Get IPL 2019 Live Scores Online

Cricket has been a part of the Indian society for a long time now and ever since it’s mainstream popularity has soared almost every Indian is proud to be represented by the Indian cricket team. Even though international tournaments are held regularly but the people are still hungry for the game and this is where the IPL comes into play and provides people with their daily dosage of cricketing in the summers. The IPL has been a part of the Indian society for more than 12 years now and the 12th season of the tournament is going to be starting in full swing really soon.

Cricket has become more than just a sport in the country and people follow the game like a religion. When a country is thus dedicated towards a sport, the IPL was bound to be a huge success and it has become one of the biggest in the business because of this. The tournament has international viewership from other cricket loving nations like Australia, South Africa, and Bangladesh etc.

The matches of the IPL are usually played either at 4 PM or 8 PM. Considering the fact that the 4 PM time is usually not suitable for many people including office goers. If you are one of them and don’t want to miss out on the IPL cricketing goodness then worry no more because we are here to help you out with the live scores at all times.

IPL Live Scores 2019

Everyone is already excited about the sport and today we are going to be having a look at how one can check out the live scores of all the recent games right on their devices. Today smartphones and internet access is something that is available to everyone and with its power one can easily check out the scores on the go.

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How to Check IPL Live Scores 2019 | Online

If you are looking forward to checking the IPL 2019 scores then you are at the right place. Here are the top 3 apps that are going to be quite helpful in the IPL season.


Cricbuzz is an Indian cricketing application that has seen huge support in recent times because of its amazing user interface and the tons of features that come with it. I personally find it to be really useful because of the updated scores that are easily available using it. All the IPL matches will see their coverages on this application.

  • 2. ESPN

ESPN has always been about sports coverage and the IPL is one of the biggest cricket tournament has seen large user audience. Thus to gain more clicks ESPN has also entered deep into the IPL.

  • 3. HOTSTAR

If you are looking forward to downloading an app that would provide you with the live scores along with the footage of the match then the hotstar application is made just for you. The free version of the app has a minor delay to the stream but that can be removed if you get the sports pack of the app.

IPL Live Scores 2019 : How to Get IPL 2019 Live Scores Online
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