[KKR vs. SRH] 24 March 4PM Kolkata Night Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

As all of us know that the Indian premier league is one of the biggest T20 Tournament that is present in the world. The tournament collects a huge number of international players every year. Even though the IPL 2019 is being played in the shadow of World cup but still it has its own craze among the fans, and all of the nations are going to be quite brilliantly represented in the matches. There surely is going to be an unofficial gap in the international calendar for the majority of the matches of the IPL.

The second match of the Indian premier league is going to held between Sunrises Hyderabad and Kolkata Night Riders. The Kolkata Night Riders did finish at the third position in the 2018 IPL. It lost the second qualifier match.

The players, as well as the fans, are hoping that the team is able to hit some solid ground this season and perform better than they did last year. Coincidentally the team that they lost the match against turns out to be the one that they are starting off their campaign against this year.


[KKR vs. SRH] 24 March 4 PM Eden Gardens, Kolkata

The Sunrisers Hyderabad was able to reach the finals in the previous season and was able to maintain a top-notch status. But even though its planning and strategy it ended up losing the final match against the Chennai Super Kings. This team has known to be one of the most consistent as well as best sides of the Indian premier league in the past few years. The players are all full of enthusiasm and wish to kick start this season of the Indian premier league with a huge victory.


Kolkata Night Riders

This surely is a decent rivalry that has accelerated over the past few years. KKR has its team mixed with some of the champions and big names of the IPL in 2018 while it has also given a chance to some of the new players as well. In the 2018 matches, the form of Dinesh Kartik was surely talk of the town and helped the team steak up so high in the rankings. Some of the newcomers like Shubham Gill were also able to show that what they were actually capable of doing. For this year the team has added some of the most amazing players to the squad in order to fill in some of the gaps that were created.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

This season SRH is surely going to attract a huge amount of attention for sure. One of the main reasons for this attention is David Warner returning to the team after the yearlong ban. Warner has been picked for the Australian cricket team, and this surely is going to have a positive effect on his performance without any doubt. All of the players in the team are ready and in the form to get on the pitch. It is no doubt that the match is going to be really interesting.

[KKR vs. SRH] 24 March 4PM Kolkata Night Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad
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