[MI vs. DC] 24 March 8PM Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals

Indian premier league is just around the corner, and all of the teams have begun with their preparations. Other than that the fans are also ready to cheer their favorite team and have made all kind of arrangements for that to happen. In the third match that is going to be held on March 24, we have Mumbai Indians and Delhi capitals competing for each other in order to prove oneself better and win the match.

It was seen that the performance of the Mumbai Indians was not that good in IPL 2018 and they are going to do anything in order to set the record back to straight again in this season of the Indian Premier League. The team is known to be one of the most successful teams in the series, and that is why everyone expects them to be in the race for the title.

We have seen that it has the capacity to be extremely good as a team and also can perform extremely poor as well. The team ended up finishing at the sixth position in the previous season and were kept at the receiving end for some of the exciting and most amazing finishes at the last balls.



[MI vs. DC] 24 March 8 PM Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Where the Delhi capitals which were formerly known as the Delhi Daredevils is the team, they are going to play their first match against in the Indian premier league 2019. It surely is one and the only squad in the whole IPL that is known to not win even a single knockout match till now. Even though the team has changed its whole squad in the past few seasons, but no good seems to be showing up. Maybe changing their name in this series might help them bring good luck to the team.

Mumbai Indians

The Mumbai Indians might have performed extremely poor in the last season, but still, it did not bring too many changes in the team. The few players that they have added to the team are quite decent buys for sure. The biggest addition to the team is Quinton de Kock. This batsman from South Africa is known to be in the excellent form and has been seen hitting centuries recently. The player is one of the early picks of many of the critics to be selected as the highest scorers of the IPL 2019.

Delhi Capitals

This team surely is seen making some of the moves in the auctions for the Indian premier league players but always falls short of exception in the end. That is why the team does not have a lot of faith of the fans in it. But still, a look at the squad that they have is like looking at the quality. The Delhi capitals might have some chances against the Mumbai Indians in the opening match. That can only happen if the team starts to line up their best batting wicket even before the opponent team has been able to find their own groove.

[MI vs. DC] 24 March 8PM Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals
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