Top 3 Applications to Watch IPL Live on Android & iOS : 2019

    2019 has just come around and people from all around the world are already excited about what all comes with it. This is especially true for sports fans who are already fantasizing their latest fixtures and looking forward to getting more done through their Android and iOS devices.

    Today we are going to be having a look at some of the most popular applications that can help you out in order to get the ability to easily watch their favorite sports tournaments online. The cricket and football world flourishes on paid viewerships and it is certainly something that you should lay your hands on. The fixtures for the Champions League for football are already out but recently the Indian Premier League is going to be announcing it’s 2019 season matches and the teams that are going to be joining in. Every year the IPL tries to influence more and more people into enjoying the sport.

    The Indian Premier League has been around for more than a decade now and it’s a heavy attachment with the people of the country shows us that everyone in the nation just loves the game and wants to enjoy it thoroughly. If you are looking forward to enjoying the sport as well then you should have a look at the top 3 applications that are going to be helping you out to watch the game.

    Apps to Watch IPL

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    Top 3 Applications to Watch IPL Live

    • Hotstar

    Hotstar is one of the most popular streaming websites available online to date and it is something everyone should certainly be using on their Android devices. I personally believe that the paid hotstar streaming services are something that would provide you with high-quality HD streams of the IPL matches directly on any device you like. It has proved to be useful last year as well. The free version of the app provides you with the stream but with a 5 Min delay in the stream.


    The UKTVNOW application is something that has been providing people with free live television services for a really long time. It is quite immensely popular among the masses and is very well received by the people. The application has been made popular among people because of the huge variety of channels that are offered by it. Even though the name suggests the application is made for UK audiences but it still is quite prominent among the Indian users as well. There are hundreds of local channels along with many international sports and news outlets which would help you out.

    • Mobdro

    Mobdro is an online application made for Android and iOS which allows users to easily watch their favorite live TV shows for free of costs. The mobdro application is a great way to easily watch live television on your devices. If you’re into the IPL then the mobdro service can provide you with live streams of the latest matches for free of costs.

    Top 3 Applications to Watch IPL Live on Android & iOS : 2019
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